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The best home cooked experience you will ever have! We are creative, willing to work with you, and ready to share our expertise in order to achieve excellent results.

I will arrive at your location with bundles of tasty ingredients. I will then cook and prepare these savory selections you have made... you are invited to engage with me, ask questions, and learn a bit about authentic Thai cooking. The meal will be presented with elegance, including all service items that I will pick up another time at your convenience. You will be left with a clean kitchen, and a wonderful Thai experience.

Service is buffet style in your home for 15-50 people. Please choose 4 dishes including soups, salads, and entrees from our menu. In addition we include organic red rice or jasmine brown and Thai desserts.


Prices start at $65.00 per person

Additional dishes available at $10.00 per person