• Thai Herbs

    Thai Herbs:
         Kaffir lime

    Kaffir lime leaves are widely used in spicy Thai soups and curries, either cooked whole, together with the dish, and/or finely shredded and added before serving.

       Pandan or orscrewpine leaves
    This sweet smelling leaf is used for flavouring different sweet snacks/desserts. It is also used in the well known dish Kai ho bai toei, deep fried chicken wrapped in pandanus leaves, as well as to stuff the belly of barbecued fish 

    Either served raw (shredded or diced) with dishes such as Miang kham and Khanom chin sao nam, in certain chilli dips, or in stir fried dishes of Chinese origin. 

  • Our own grown organic and fresh herbs

    Our own grown organic and fresh herbs

    Organic and freshest Thai herbs directly to your plate from my big backyard & garden. This year we extended the yard with special herbs like.... that are difficult to find even in Asian grocery stores in our area.